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Most men mistakenly believe that in order to "get" a local woman, you need a fat wallet, an athletic body and a Brad Pitt face ... How wrong they are! This is not at all paramount for women.

Imagine the situation

A man meets a local woman. No not like this. An "ordinary" man stumbles upon a beautiful and seemingly completely inaccessible woman ... He begins to think: "So, I have no apartment, money to offer her a trip to the Maldives, and I do not look athletic at all."

Then it gets even worse ... “How do I look, compared to her? She probably has a tough guy ... "

Unfortunately, there is a stereotype in society that beauties are something unapproachable. Women who can only be admired, but not talked to. And then bite your elbows all evening.

Rule # 1: you need to act right away

Yes, just like that, don't think too much, don't doubt and don't be afraid. After all, what's the worst thing that can happen? She will say: “Sorry, I don’t meet strangers”? Or get nasty? In the first case, you can continue playing. And second, make sure she's arrogant.

Rule # 2: originality

Local women like unusual men. Especially those who know how to make you smile or even laugh. The main thing is without vulgarity and banality. To avoid making mistakes, read about 7 behaviors that turn people off.

And feel free to be yourself. Statistics show that 4 out of 10 girls are ready to give their number when they first meet. And there are many beauties among them! Who knows, maybe fortune will smile? ?

Rule # 3: eye contact

It is very important for women to make eye contact. If a man is able not to look away for a long time, he is perceived as more confident, purposeful and attractive. But such women cling to the quick ... ?

Psychologist Perry Buffington states: “Talk to a woman the moment you notice that your pupils are dilated. This body sign suggests that she is now very receptive. Pay attention to the direction in which the woman averts her eyes when talking. If to the left, then the solution will be quick. If to the right, give her time. "

Rule # 4: Compliments

You should never spare gentle and pleasant words for women. Hearing compliments, girls release hormones of happiness and pleasure. This immediately makes them more affectionate and responsive. It's worth a try!

How to seduce a woman: practical advice

Rule # 5: Persistence

You never need to answer: "Well, no, so no." A man needs to take the initiative, to achieve a local woman, to prove himself as a knight. It is pleasant to any lady.

Rule # 6: own position

It is important for a man not to bend. Under the emotions, tantrums or denial of a woman. Sexologist Yvonne Fulbright says: “Women often subconsciously arrange for some kind of checks. They want to know if there is really a strong and self-sufficient man nearby. " You don't need to agree with a woman in everything. Maybe she is waiting for the man to propose an alternative? ..

Rule # 7: generosity

It's not just the iPhone X or the mink coat. Signs of attention are very pleasant to a woman. Maybe lunch for work or a fruit basket. This will make a good impression on her, improve her mood and improve her attitude towards a man. ?

How to seduce a woman: practical advice

Jeffrey Miller, an evolutionary psychologist, says: “The nature of women is such that she is attracted to generous men. Because generosity means that a man is ready to share his resource, to take care of her. "

Rule # 8: protection

It is important for a woman to feel that she can be protected at any time. That even in a difficult (and especially in a difficult!) Situation, a man will be there, be able to lend his shoulder and be a support. Reliability is an important quality. Men should immediately identify him in the eyes of the desired woman.


A man should be bold, generous and with a sense of humor to meet local women! Deep down, every woman dreams of being paid attention to, loved and cared for.

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